Stecca d’osso is a brand made by two young professional art restorers, based their core idea on a vision of designing one outstanding notebook which will highlight not only the quality of the craftsmanship, but will also give practicality a new name.

Our goal is to create a product which will clearly demonstrate the dedication it required but which will, with each usage bring to life unique forms of design and character so it remains long-lasting and special.

After finishing studies in Italy, we came back to Belgrade filled with impressions and inspiration we couldn’t contain. Ideas kept coming, we wanted something, wanted everything, we had a dream and from that came Stecca d’osso.

As art restorers, we recognize the values and possibilities even when they seem lost to others.

Natural materials we use are just the raw basis which transforms our design in your tool of expression and gives the whole style one personal and unique handprint.

Still, we aren’t finished with ideas, they are constantly emerging.

Now you are also part of our inspiration, because you showed us that we are not alone in our vision.

We are creators,
we are Stecca d’osso.